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If there’s one year that has forced multiple industries to reflect on practices and upgrade, that year would have undoubtedly been 2020. It has had a profound impact on both our personal and professional lives.   With most working from home and travel pretty much nearly put to a stop, the living and working habits of societies all over the globe have changed significantly. This has led many to coin the phrase “The New Normal” in reference to how people’s livelihoods have collectively changed.   HR Technology has played an impactful role in helping businesses ease into the new way of working and managing employees. Here are some ways by which HR Technology has helped businesses all around the world thrive in “The New Normal.”  

1. Employee Welfare & Engagement

Since many countries went into lockdown, employee wellbeing has thankfully taken front-and-centre amongst many businesses. With everyone working from home, HR departments have been forced to find new ways to engage employees and check up on their welfare despite not being able to do so face-to-face.   HR Technology has provided a good avenue for employees to engage with one another and maintain a sense of belonging. Many systems utilised online platforms for employees to remember birthdays and anniversaries.   Activities such as digital town halls have helped employees stay connected. This also gave HR departments a more convenient way to keep track of these and implement bonuses or incentives as needed. Despite trying times during the ongoing pandemic, HR Technology has enabled employees to stay well-connected and engaged.   

2. Upskilling & Reskilling

The pandemic has left employees from all different industries worrying about the stability of their jobs. As such, upskilling and reskilling of employees has been of utmost importance in today’s job market. This is especially true for sectors such as travel and entertainment, which have taken the biggest hits since the start of the pandemic.   Businesses are beginning to send their employees for online training courses in order to advance their skillset and ensure that the business has a competitive edge over competitors. HR Technology has helped HR departments in all different sectors plan and implement courses for their employees from various different departments.   Thanks to HR Technology, businesses are now able to advance their employees’ capabilities and easily keep track of which employee would be suitable for which course.   

3. Boosting Overall Productivity

It’s no secret that HR Technology has been a huge driving factor for increased levels of productivity. HR Technology has provided comprehensive digital workspaces and tools for employees to make use of in order to perform their tasks. As such, the time taken to complete tasks has greatly decreased thanks to technology speeding up work processes.    If you are looking to provide top-notch employee experience, onboard employees easily, automate payroll and manage employees across Southeast Asia, please contact us at for a free consultation.  

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