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Almost all the new and young talent fresh out of college hope that they can realise their career ambitions when they enter the workforce. However, as time passes, the differences in achievements between them increase tremendously. Why do university graduates with similar IQ and ability have a gulf in their achievements?

The key lies in the individuals’ mental maturity. Many fresh graduates do not possess the mental maturity to realise the practical importance of corporate networking and establishing useful contacts. Moreover, they also tend to do poorly in seizing suitable opportunities. Thus, millennials should understand that in order to succeed career-wise, is it paramount to develop their mental maturity and cultivate positive work conducts.

1. Have the courage to take responsibility and be dedicated

Although achieving stellar results do commensurate with high salaries, companies also put high emphasis on one’s passion towards work. Establishing positive attitudes such as facing responsibilities and being pro-active are important values for a smooth career progression.

2. Do not fear failure and learn to endure hardships

It is commonplace for one's career to be filled with numerous setbacks. For example, workplace communication, implementation of tasks and customer relations are some of the daily challenges employees face. Everyone needs to have the capacity to accept failure, recover quickly and persist on. Bear in mind, the workplace certainly do not accommodate the weak. In addition, being diplomatic and learning to communicate with all sorts of people is crux to a long career. Moreover, enduring the initial years of foundation work would be very useful in achieving career goals.

3. Do not shun from responsibilities

In general, most of the millennials in Singapore originate from the middle-income tier and hence tend to lack a sense of responsibility. Even in a school setting, millennials are prone to display tardiness, indiscreet use of smartphones and snoozing in class. If they neglect the simple responsibility of being a student, they would likewise find difficulty in handling workplace responsibilities. Their employment will thus be in jeopardy. All in all, being responsible is one of the most important indicator that managers look out for in graduates. Consequently, companies will be more willing to train people who have a responsible attitude and do their due diligence.

The workplace is a platform for business professionals to showcase their professionalism, efficiency and mental maturity. In addition, the influx of fresh graduates transiting from school settings to the workplace intensifies competition in the job market. Therefore, it is important for graduates to have a collective understanding  that training their mental maturity holds the key to success.

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