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100% Business Continuity for AYP Group even when working from home

As many of you know, the situation regarding the COVID-19 situation has rapidly deteriorated over the past couple of weeks. In light of this, AYP Group has taken several measures to prepare ourselves for what might be a long-drawn fight against the virus. Today, we will be sharing our experiences on what we have done during this situation.

Working From Home

Firstly and most importantly, 100% of our employees, be it in regional offices or in Singapore itself, have started working from home. We understand and support the need to enact more stringent measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As such, with the health of our employees in mind, we have achieved a 100% success rate in moving our regional operating process online with our payroll processes being 100% timely and accurate. This contingency measure could not have been possible without forward planning, which we had done 18 months ago. 

Keeping Close Communication

As our employees now work from home, there is a heightened need to quickly familiarise ourselves with telecommunication platforms. Due to the fact that we have begun digitizing our processes by using JuzTalent, a Software-as-a-Service platform and also cloud-based, we were quickly able to move our business processes online. Through online platforms, we have kept a close eye on ensuring that no employee is left out-of-the-loop on daily developments and directions from the management. This is achieved through the following ways:

  1. Regular emails from the CEO on daily updates of the COVID-19 situation and on the importance of mental and physical resilience when we work from home
  2. eLearning modules to familiarise our employees to communication platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack and Trello
  3. Using Trello to earmark important tasks and priorities
  4. Marketing tools such as Electronic-Digital-Mailing (EDM) to keep our clients and users informed of what the company is doing and providing further insights into how we carry out our BCP

Maintaining Our Processes

Even though our employees are working from home, we have maintained our daily productivity levels by keeping our daily business process largely unchanged. To illustrate, we have continued with our daily morning huddle where respective departments gather to talk about their respective tasks for the day and their daily metrics. Weekly meetings across departments are also still being conducted to keep our employees on task.


AYP Group has been offering Virtual Assistant (Office/Home based) HRM solutions since 2009 to date. Our comprehensive HR Tech and Services are:
1) Professional Employer Organization (PEO): Our PEO support team are the virtual HR of the contractors. Using emails as a communication platform, they are also leveraging on JuzTalent to apply for leave and claim and viewing of monthly payslip. 

2) Payroll Outsourcing Management (POM/BPO): No need to be physically in-office or advance process client’s and employee’s monthly payroll. With JuzTalent, our POM support team are still operating as usual but with the comfort at home. The estimated time to run the payroll on JuzTalent takes roughly 10 minutes with just 3 simple steps. 

3) HRMS / HR & Payroll Solution (JuzTalent): Comparing JuzTalent with on-premise solutions and given the current situation where employees are now working from home. The only two equipment to login to JuzTalent is a laptop/desktop and internet connection. Tapping on JuzTalent eTime solution, employees can clock-in and clock-out from work or from shifts by taking a photo of themselves. 

Clock-in and clock-out

Our Culture

As collaboration and integrity are values that AYP Group is grounded on, we are certain and trust that our employees have the self-discipline, motivation, and discipline to stay on task even when working from home. 

AYP 5 Core Values


2020 will be a trying time for many businesses. The outbreak of COVID-19 has been a jarring reminder for businesses of the need to prepare contingency plans ahead of time. But by collaborating and helping each other during this tumultuous time, we are confident that we will get through the storm together.

If you have any questions or concerns which you would like us to clarify, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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