In the final addition of AYP Group’s Webinars for 2020, we wanted to come up with a webinar session that anyone from HR Professionals to Managers and Directors could turn to in order to ask their questions and clear their doubts. And with that, the idea for the HR Clinic was born. The HR Clinic was designed to answer the burning questions that those around Southeast Asia had pertaining to any and all things HR. During the webinar, questions were divided into various categories. Namely company settings, digitalisation, hiring processes, payroll, training and benefits. 

Our final webinar series features both AYP Group’s General Manager and Assistant Director. Jolin is the general manager of AYP Group with 4 years of experience in this field. Seasoned in the HR industry, she is dedicated towards leading her team towards growth and success. Leticia is our Assistant Director and lead of our Customer Experience Team. She guides the customer experience team across the region on the best one-stop HR Solutions, develops direct reports and builds strong partnerships with clients.

The first sector of the HR Clinic focused on general company settings. This included topics such as work environment, company culture and engagement. One of the most popular questions was about the pros and cons of working from home. Jolin agreed that it was a good way for employees to get better work-life balance, although it did take some adjustment at first. Leticia added that contractors were generally already used to the arrangement, so this did not make the biggest difference to them. Another question asked, was what one should take note of when implementing workplace policies. Jolin included policies such as the code of conduct, grievance handling, recruitment, discipline and termination. They also gave pointers on how to conduct a well-structured handover. This included having detailed instructions of key activities and steps to carrying them out and a scheduled shadowing period. All in all, it was agreed that local regulations as well as sturdy communication and comprehension were needed in all aspects of the workplace.

Next, the digitalisation of HR functions was discussed. The guests discussed what the next big things in HR entailed, and generally agreed that more automation was definitely in store, especially with a growing number of employees working from home and being more digitally reliant. Not only that, they predicted a surge in the demand for online and digital HR systems. Needless to say, digitalisation of HR is an inevitable part of the advancements in HR as a whole. 

Following that, the topic was shifted to that of payroll, and work hours. The first thing discussed was whether or not there was a basic salary benchmark in Southeast Asia. The answer to this was yes, but based on each individual company’s regulations. Leticia also added that following local salary structures and having added benefits could help companies attract more employees. Furthermore, it was asked whether or not overtime pay was compulsory for employees and the answer was yes, in all countries. However, the pay rate differs from country to country. 

The final segment of the webinar focused on employee training and benefits. Some standard employee benefits that are crucial includes medical benefits such as group insurance coverage on both in and out patients. Dental insurance could be included as part of the medical benefits. Furthermore, solid HR Software systems can be implemented to better measure and manage performance and productivity of the company. Most important, whether or not employee training has been effective. Employee training requires a good measurement system in order to be effective and to optimise the productivity of the company. On the other hand, employee benefits are key to attracting and retaining employees.

The final addition of AYP Group’s webinars for 2020 aimed to clear up any common doubts that HR Professionals, managers or employees may have. We would like to also thank all attendees for their support. If you missed the webinar, fret not as you can keep up with all AYP Group’s upcoming webinars at