The COVID-19 Pandemic that shook the world unexpectedly has changed lifestyles as we know them. This has been coined as “The New Normal.” The way people live, work and think have been altered significantly by this pandemic and businesses need to move along with these changes. Working from home has become the norm, and so has conducting events online. Besides the economy slowing down, more focus is placed on the importance of healthcare, technology and employee well-being. Companies and businesses around the world are beginning to resume their operations, but many are also using this as an opportunity to review their current processes and business models. Here are some changes you can expect in the coming months, and how our JuzTalent software can help you.


Everything Goes Digital

This one is already a cliché. The COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed many businesses and organisations to develop digitally. Meetings are now held over online platforms such as Zoom and Skype. Instead of seminars and talks, webinars are quickly becoming a popular addition to many companies’ list of corporate activities. With the accelerated digital transformation that has inevitably been brought about, adaptability is key for your business to keep up and stand out. To keep up with the changing digital landscape, going contactless is something you need to look into. For example, implementing a live chat box on your website would be a good way to interact with customers in an efficient, contactless manner.  Take a close look at the needs of your clients based on the goods or services your company provides. Doing so means that you will be better prepared to meet the needs of your clients, as you will know what to expect and what technological solutions to implement based on this.

JuzTalent is a software which helps bring ease in Human Resource (HR) processes. In this manner, everything from payroll management to leave applications have been digitized. As JuzTalent does not require one to download any external applications, it is also incredibly convenient to use. Implementing such a system means that your company can invest more time and resources into the needs of other clients and consumers, and how to further digitize your company.


Worker Welfare Will Take Front & Center

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to the importance of employee welfare at the workplace. Many are struggling to cope with uncertainty, loneliness or childcare responsibilities. A growing number of experts are urging companies to pay attention to employee welfare as the importance of such social factors have been highlighted by the unforeseen pandemic. With growing uncertainty when it comes to job stability, many companies are beginning to prioritize protecting their staff. Needless to say, the “new normal” in the workplace will include an increased focus on human capital and providing ample support for employees. Some companies have already taken measures towards this, including increasing sick leave entitlements for staff. The pandemic has put a greater emphasis on the important of employee welfare and well-being, and how this boosts the morale of staff.

With workers welfare taking priority, solid HR Management is needed to ensure that the staff in your company is being well taken care of. Should you be implementing further steps to ensure your employees feel secure such as granting them additional leave, the use of JuzTalent will help you with it. Your use of Juztalent will not only ensure that staff benefits are appropriately managed, but also that this is done safely and with absolutely no contact.


Less Contact

While the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused significant disruptions in most industries many have to find a way to make sure things are business as usual. With this in mind, it is important for companies to ensure they are still operational and contactable, while limiting actual face-to-face contact. While some industries are slowly opening up, many are still operating remotely to limit the amount of physical contact between staff and clients. For example, robots have been deployed to clean up Alexandra Hospital here in Singapore. Instead of having face-to-face meetings, clients and companies alike are moving their meetings online in order to avoid close contact. Many companies are also having their staff work from home, only coming back to the office either in shifts, or if there are important tasks to attend to. As people adjust to working from home and discover contactless methods of carrying out every day functions, many believe that working from home could become more of a norm even post-covid.

If your company is currently aiming to be as contactless as possible, JuzTalent would be incredibly beneficial for that. Your staff can clock into work, apply for leave, access their payroll and make claims with just a few clicks. JuzTalent is completely contactless, convenient and easy to navigate. With this in mind, the use of JuzTalent will not only help you manage your staff and time seamlessly and conveniently, but also decreases the amount of contact needed to carry out tasks.


While the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a sudden and disruptive interruption to the way by which society was previously used to living and working, people are adapting and finding new ways to cope. These new changes can all be expected in the coming months, and is important for all companies to be flexible and adaptive to these alterations. With the world changing rapidly, it is important now more than ever for companies to predict and be able to keep up with these. The New Normal is here to stay, and will continue to evolve as time goes by. The use of JuzTalent quickly and effectively helps you adapt to the new normal. Completely digital, functional and easy to navigate, JuzTalent will not only help you adjust to going digital, but also ensures that all your HR Functions are carried out efficiently and accurately.