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eClaim and eLeave Solutions

The claim and leave can now be routed to 2 level supervisors for approval
JuzTalent New Enhancements


eClaim Solution 

1) The approver that is not an HR admin role can now approve and change the claim amount with reason

2) Added one more Disbursement Method under Claim Type Detail called “Others”. This additional disbursement method can be used for recording purposes if the particular claim is an operating cost.JuzTalent New Enhancements

3) Users are now restricted to selective or no cost centers in eClaim if the “Restrict cost center selection when applying claim” is ticked. This is done through HR admins.
JuzTalent New Enhancements



1) Under eProfile > My Tasks – the sentence/word alignment has been fixed 
eProfile – My Tasks – Before
JuzTalent New Enhancements
eProfile – My Tasks – After
JuzTalent New Enhancements

2) Users will not face any error message or long loading time when applying and saving claims using the Safari browser