JuzTalent Updates Template - Dec Part 2


Under eClaim Module
  1. A prompt message will be shown alerting the approval manager or asking for a confirmation when the claim is sent for approval or rejection.
  2. On the claim approval page, single and group claim is now divided by tab for better viewing.

Claim Approval

3. HR can now either cancel one or more claims in a group and approve the rest without having to worry all claims being canceled at the same time.


Applicable to Singapore Users Only
Added filter function in ePayroll Employee Listing Report

Able to choose which date period of the “New Hired Employee Report” or “Resigned Employee Report” for viewing

Employee Listing Report

Employee Listing Report 2


Applicable to Indonesia Users Only
Indonesia Installment Severance Pay

Severance Pay can now be processed as an installment basis to employees through JuzTalent ePayroll portal. Which in turn, taxes will be accurately calculated after accounting the total severance pay.

Do you know that under Indonesia’s generous severance laws, most of the workers should have been eligible for 18 months worth of severance pay, equal to $4,000 dollars each?


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