JuzTalent Updates Template - Oct 2019 Part 1

JuzTalent October News Release 2019

We are pleased to inform all JuzTalent clients and users that we have added 3 enhancements in our JuzTalent HRMS software. Also, the current bug has been taken into consideration and solved by the developer team.

  1. Added in HSBC personal bank account option (for Singapore user only)
  2. Notifications Alert
    HR personnel is able to choose which company notification (Birthday, Anniversaries, New Hire, Contract Ending or Probation Ending) they would like to send to and which date period to receive the notifications
    JuzTalent Enhancements
    JuzTalent Enhancements
  3. New BIR Form 2316 (for Philippines user only)
    New BIR Form 2316 which is called Certificate of Compensation Payment or Income Tax Withheld is available for download.
    Also, the text category is updated accordingly to the new 2316 formatJuzTalent New BIR Form 2316



  1. Image can now be saved in eTime module